The essence of teppanyaki is delivering incredible healthy,fresh and great food. Great food should not take forever and teppanyaki cook exactyle when you need it and begin eating as soon as the dishes arrive.

True origin of teppanyaki is from southern Japanese port town of Kobe in the beginning of the 20th century, where fresh local seafood and meat would be display and cooked in the front of the customers.

Soon the cuisine was popular among the foreigners who enjoyed both watching the skilled maneuvers of the chef preparing the food as well as the cuisine it self.

Now Saisan Japanese Cuisine provides a teppanyaki dinning experience for you. Our teppanyaki chef will prepare your meal consist meat, seafood and assorted vegetables right in front of you.

Their performances are truly entertaining and fun, that everyone will enjoy.

About Saisan Japanese Cuisine

Saisan Japanese Cuisine is a casual dinning restaurant which serve lunch and dinner.

Our restaurant is devided into two main dinning concept.

The first one is Teppanyaki dinning, where guess is serve fresh meat,seafood, and vegetable from skill teppanyaki chef at the table.

The second dinning concept is the Japanese food a'la carte offering, where guess may choose from a variaty of Japanese cuisine.

We also do outside catering, to serve your wedding and birthday party or any other special occasion.



Teppanyaki a japanese dish of meat, fish, or both, fried with vegetables on a hot steel plate forming the center of dinning table. Teppanyaki is astyle of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron gridlle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.


Besides of the packages on the list we have Ala Carte service that can facilitate the customer to order flexibly. Our Ala Carte menu gives you lots of varian food and baverage. Start from sushis,teriyakis,udons,bentos and all fresh juices.


This is our special service. Our mobile team can set up our equipment at your venue. The service it self can support your event, as such, wedding, gathering, birthday party, reunion, company meeting and other personal event. This service available upon request Every special event deserves special treatment, so far those who interestead in having greatful feast moment you can chooses us for your option.





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